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This year 2016 we reach the 10th issue of EJID.

With one issue every September, EJID indented to continue a tradition of bilingualism, allowing, at least partially, francophone and English speaking readers to share information about the world intellectual disability, often outside of the beaten tracks.

The world of intellectual disabilities is in constant movement and it is sometimes difficult to take into consideration at the same time the needs of the individuals and of the families, the institutional realities and the political discourse; here in Switzerland and in the rest of the world we follow fashions, attitudes and interests in continuous struggle with the economic constraints, which have become stricter since 2007-2008.

I hear a lot of rhetoric about autonomy, self-determination and inclusion, and sometimes it seems to me that these are concepts extraneous to the person with disability, and are largely dictated by the need to cut spending rather than by the needs of the people themselves.

We must remain modest because often the great ideas about autism are just cut-and-paste of concepts borrowed from the world of childhood autism and imposed to the adult population, that is certainly autistic, but with needs and challenges far apart from those of the children.

Likewise, there is no real culture of dual diagnosis, for the cases where psychiatric troubles overlap with intellectual disabilities, particularly in terms of clinic and pharmacology, just to mention two problematic fields among others.

I recall that the pharmacological treatment of person with double diagnosis is especially complex in view also of the troublesome presence of seizure disorders.

EJID wants to remain a forum where workers in the world of intellectual disabilities can share their observations and experiences which would probably be lost without such a place where they can be collected and, hopefully, read.

Families also sometimes feel the need to describe their observations and to express their questions, and EJID is also there for them.

I wish to readers, authors, scientific and editorial committee members and to our EJID webmaster to continue our quiet common journey in knowledge, mutual help and support of the person with intellectual disabilities.

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