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Manuscript submission 

Manuscripts will not be considered for publication unless they are prepared according to the following instructions:

  • If the e-mailing is not possible please send ONLY a copy of the Manuscripts to: European Journal of Intellectual Disability, c/o Dr. Giuliana Galli Carminati, 29 Av. Ste-Cécile, CH–1217 Meyrin Genève, Suisse
  • Papers must be written in English or French.
  • Magnitudes of all measured quantities must be given exclusively in metric system. 
  • Please type double spaced .
  •  The first page of each manuscript should contain
    1. the title
    2. the name of author's) and affiliation(s)
    3. an abstract of 400 words in the complementary language (English if the paper is in French. In French if the paper is in English).
  • Reference citations in text should follow the author-date method. The surname(s) Author and the year of publication are inserted in text at an appropriate point. For example: 'A study (Dupont, 1992)... ' or 'Dupont (1992) has shown... '.
  • References (Maximum 20) should be arranged alphabetically by the author's surname and given at the end of the article.
  • The approximate location for each figure and table should be noted in the typescript. Each table and figure should be on a separate page and grouped together at the end paper.
  • All figure captions should be typed on one separate page preceding the figures. No ca should appear on a figure other than to indicate individual parts of the figure.
  • The only permissible footnotes are those acknowledging:
    1. grant support
    2. help in of the manuscript and/or carrying out the research
    3. availability of supplementary information;
  • Only original drawings or high-quality black and white reproductions are accepted figures to be printed.
  • A brief biography for each author giving education, background and current activities should accompany the manuscript.
  • If the paper is accepted for publication, the author(s) agree(s) conveying all copyright ownership to EJID



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